Blue Silhouette Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette

Check Out The Lyrics to “Boohooing” by Classy Silhouette

Singer, Songwriter, Producer Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette is always busy with new concepts and new releases. Don’t forget that she has a multitude of songs that have already been released. Here is a song that you may not know about.”Boohooing” is an excellent break up song that appears on the Blue Silhouette album that was released by Jennfier Bryant in 2010 and was recently re-listed under Jennifer Bryant’s stage name Classy Silhouette. Play the video  and check out the lyrics that appear just beneath it. Do you think this song deserves a dance remix? The song is available on iTunes on the BLUE SILHOUETTE album and on her official website

People think I’m crazy cuz I’m
Crying over you
And you may think it’s funny that you
Broke my heart in two
Well I’m not gonna waste my time
Running after you
Cuz I still got my life to live
I got things to do
Yeah my heart is broken yeah
You still cross my mind
But I know all the memories
They will fade in time
Yeah I hear you laughing and
The joke was all on me me
But I’ll be better baby boy
Can’t you see that I’m Boohooing
and I’m Moving On
Said I’m Boohooing and I’m moving on
(Boohooing and moving and) Repeat 8 times in background
I’m gonna get over you
I’m gonna get over you
That’s what I’ma do
I’m gonna get over you
I’m moving On
You hurt my feelings
and I know that you don’t care
The way you went about it baby
It wasn’t fair
The tables will be turned someday
and you will feel the pain
And even when the sun out
You will still see rain
And when your heart is broken baby
please remember me
What goes around…it comes around
you will see
I’ll make sure I’m over you so when you ring my phone
I’ll do what you did to me and leave you all alone
(Boohooing and moving and) Repeat in background
I’m gonna get over you
I’m gonna get over you
I’m gonna get over you
That’s what I’ma do
Boohooing and moving
Cuz you’re a heart breaker
So I’ll be moving on
I’m gonna get over you
That’s what I’ma do
Cuz you’re a heart breaker
So I’ll be moving on
I’m gonna get over you
I’m get over you
I’ll be moving on
I’m gonna over you
I’m gonna get over you
I’ll be moving on
I’m gonna over you
That’s what’s I’m do
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Boohooing but I’ll be moving on

Classy Silhouette Releases Official Video for Her Song Anymore

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette releases an official video for her emotional love song “Anymore”

Anymore is an emotional song about being torn between staying  or leaving a deeply passionate long distance relationship. The Sultry Siren goes back and forth. Should I leave? Should I stay? Knowing she couldhave so much more but the love in her heart won’t allow her loyalty to her long distance loveto stray. This song is definitely a heartfelt andsincere tune that many people can relate to. The video takes you on a journey to Venice Italy where her heart reaches out to her distant love. The song appears on her latest album release titled CLASSY SILHOUETTE: The Siren Returns. Click on the photo to watch the video now or use the link below.







imageHer first album The Siren’s Song introduced her to the world as a classy diva with sultry vocals on R&B soul  and a couple of Euro tracks. The second album Blue Silhouette was a jazzy neo soul album  that got a lot of attention around the globe. This musical goddess has grown up right before our eyes as she teased us in 2011 and 2012 with two dance remix eps On My Mind Remix and Keep Trying and then in February of 2014 she dropped a bomb on us. CLASSY SILHOUETTE: The Siren Returns. So far Jennifer “Classy Silhouette” Bryant has graced us with 3 new videos for some hot tracks from her album “The Siren Returns”  “I Wonder” and “I Wanna Kiss You” now that we have started seeing posts of this new track Club Classy Silhouette does this mean another hot video is coming soon? Well the dance queen likes to keep us hanging on the edge of our seats so how about we just check out the track in the meantime. Click on the links images below to take a listen to Club Classy Silhouette





Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has released a mesmerizing video for her song I Wonder. In this video The Siren stops on the corner in New York City and shares with us what’s going through her mind as she stands at another crossroad. She sings about wondering how far she will reach in the pursuit of her goals. So many people have dreams that were once shattered. In this video the sultry voiced, hair flinging siren inspires us to continue pursuing our dreams even though we may think time is running out. You never know what is in store for you in the near future. I Wonder is another emotionally charged song from her new album CLASSY SILHOUETTE: The Siren Returns. The album is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby
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Classy Silhouette Leaves No Stone Unturned on New Album

Classy_Silhouette_The_Siren_Returns 800
Classy Silhouette (aka Jennifer Bryant) has finally released her album CLASSY SILHOUETTE: THE SIREN RETURNS. Classy Silhouette has been quietly going about her work. In November of 2012 she released a surprise EP titled Keep Trying, and in August of 2013 she quietly released her single The Siren Returns to keep us on the edge our seats while she diligently worked on her masterpiece that she again quietly listed for sale on February 3, 2014. The Siren Returns is the sequel to her first album The Siren’s Song. As she promised us before she has returned with songs that are brand new to our ears even though she had created them years ago and kept them in her treasure chest of precious gems. The album yields 18 smoking hot tracks. All of which are produced by The Siren herself.
With The Siren Returns being released in August 2013 as a promo single for her upcoming album. The Siren has released a new single ‘Anymore’ from her newly released album. The album is available on her official website as well as itunes and many other digital download stores.

Classy Silhouette The Siren Returns Official Video Release

Classy Silhouette has a released a fierce new video for her new single The Siren Returns. The Siren Returns is a sequel to her previous release titled The Siren’s Song. In this video Classy Silhouette stands her ground as an artist, a diva, and a queen. The siren is angry about the pirates who had the audacity to think they could steal from her and get away with it and she is returning to the land to avenge it in this video. “How dare you try to steal from the siren” she bellows as she approaches with an army of ships and a school of sharks.”Who do you think you are?!!” she says right before she sinks their whole ship in the middle of the sea and searches underwater in the remains for her precious gem. Who are the pirates who dared to steal from the siren? Are they watching the video now? After reciting a nursery rhyme in a sinister voice… the Siren laughs a bitter cold bloodcurdling laugh and says “Don’t you know you’re supposed to respect me? You don’t wanna romp with me!!” The End. What is this story all about? What ignorant pirates dared to steal from the The Siren herself? Did they not know she had the power to destroy their whole operation? You will have to wait for the next single to see. Watch the video below…Oh! and by the way….The Siren Returns single is available on itunes or you can find it on her official website


Classy Silhouette Changes Her Hair Color to a Lighter Color With Sexy Highlights

Classy Silhouette New Hair Color

Classy Silhouette New Hair Color

Singer Songwriter Classy Silhouette is making a lot of changes here lately. First her genre…She started out as RnB/Soul singer with a jazz background and now lately it seems as if Hip Hop and dance music is her first love, then her name… she finally decided to make her name Classy Silhouette which she was already known by to many… an official stage name, and now her hair color…no more dark sad siren for her. She is now golden as her highlighted hair glistens in the light of the sun. It looks like we should keep an eye on Classy Silhouette. You never know what to expect from her in the near future. The Siren Song singer caught the industry by surprise in 2009 when she originally released her self written and produced Siren Song album followed by her Blue Silhouette album in 2010 to the public under the name Jennifer Bryant.Then she surprised us again when she released a dance club hit On My Mind Diva Mix which then led to her releasing a 5 track On My Mind Remix EP showcasing 5 different dance mixes of the song and then another multi-genre EP single for her song Keep Trying. Now with her new name, new genre, and new look she can float around like a brand new butterfly fresh out of the cocoon. She is looking forward to releasing her not yet titled new album before the end of 2013 from which she has recently released a single “The Siren Returns



Classy Silhouette's New Single: THE SIREN RETURNS

Classy Silhouette who is also known for her RnB works under the name Jennifer Bryant has released a new single recently. It was apparently recorded some time last year but was not released until this year. This single is a must have for anyone who has a party with a crowd that likes to serve their opponents using the dance floor as their runway. Her vocals are haughty and somewhat sinister as she delivers her message through rhymes and riddles interweaving her spoken words with alluring melodies. Jennifer is no longer “Just Jennifer”…her name is now Classy Silhouette and she is letting us have it on this track. “How dare you try to steal from the siren!” she says. This track is just a teaser track from her forthcoming album for which it is the title song. As of now there is no official release date for the album due to Classy Silhouette’s desire for perfection. For more information about the release date and any future single releases from the album be sure to visit the official website and join the official mailing list. The Siren Returns single is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and many other digital download stores.

Classy Silhouette: The Siren’s Song Now Available

artwork for The Siren's Song

artwork for The Siren’s Song

Classy Silhouette released an RnB Single from her forthcoming album. The Siren’s Song takes you on a mystical journey captivating you first with the tranquil sound of the oceans waves, then mezmerizing you with the soft hypnotic rhythm of ambient drums. Her monotone vocals almost sound as if she is casting a spell on you…luring you into her deep mysterious world beneath the sea. For seven whole minutes you are entranced and by the end of the song you are convinced that she is vying for your love and you must save her from her loneliness and that you can live with her in the mysterious waters of the sea of love.
Watch The World Premier Video for The Siren Song