Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette: Artist Nena Marcella To Release Debut Album In 2016 


Nena Marcella is a  female spoken word artist

Nena Marcella is a female spoken word artist

Nena Marcella is a female spoken word artist. Nena ran track in her earlier years and played girls’ basketball in high school. The first rhyme she wrote was in Junior High School. The guys were banging a beat on the back of the school bus when she was riding from school and she recited one of her poems to the beat and everybody liked it and wanted her to do it again. Her first performance was at a coffee house. She was discovered by Classy Silhouette and began performing her poetry at her events.

Nena Marcella is now signed to Classy Silhouette Productions and is featured on a track with Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette. She is expected to release her debut album in 2016 with Jennifer Bryant  aka Classy Silhouette as her executive producer. Nena who has a very authentic speaking voice will be featured on several tracks on Classy Silhouette’s upcoming album.


Off With Your Head was produced by Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette. Classy Silhouette is singing the hook and raps on the first and third verse. Nena Marcella showcases her lyrical talent on the second verse. The track appears on Classy Silhouette’s The Siren Returns album that was released in February of 2014. The  song was already written and recorded in the fall of 2013….shortly after it was recorded Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette discovered that her system had been compromised. There were other songs released by other artists imitating this sound before it’s official release in 2014 on The Siren Returns album but Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette did not allow this to sway her from releasing the project.

The Siren Returns Album has been available on iTunes since February of 2014. Click on the album art below  to preview the album now

Classy Silhouette The Siren Returns is Available on iTunes

Classy Silhouette The Siren Returns is available on iTunes


Why Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette Never Let Go of Her Dreams

 The silhouette of Jennifer Bryant's black cowboy hat is classy. 

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette is an independent singer songwriter and producer. She discovered her gift of songwriting when she was just barely twelve years old. Jennifer who comes from a family of famous musicians was  exposed to jazz and blues at a young age. Her brother had toured the world when he was only nineteen years old with. When she was only nine years old her father recorded her on his own equipment and taught her about voice projection and to be mindful of her diction when singing into the microphone. Her father was always busy gigging with his own band but when he did spend time with her whatever he taught her meant a lot to her and it stayed with her over the years. When she was just a teenager her father had her learn songs by Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Billie Holiday and had her perform with his band on a wedding gig. When Jennifer Bryant who would later be known as Classy Silhouette was only 17 she was introduced to a local reggae band where she began rehearsing and even asked the band members if she could perform some of her original songs. She was then taken to a recording studio where she began studio work as a background vocalist. One thing led to another and somehow She would always end up crossing paths with other creative types. After a disappointing incident when she was expected to compromise herself for a chance at a major deal…She decided to sign with an independent record label but the label lost its financial backing and distribution.This incident happened a few years back and was quite disappointing but she never stopped working on her music. As a female entrepreneur who was already operating her own nightclub promotion business she knew that this was not the end for her musical goals and always believed that she (not anyone else) had the power to control her destiny and what the future held for her.

In 2009 Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette released her first album The Siren’s Song independently  and followed up shortly after in 2010 with her sophomore album Blue Silhouette. She then released two remix EPs   On My Mind Remix and Keep Trying (remixes) that showcased her versatility as far her production and remixing skills. After her computer was hacked and she began to see that her work was being plagiarized she decided to copyright all of her work and release the rest of the music and videos that may have been compromised. 

“It is so disappointing to see that someone has literally tried to rape me of all of my ideas and talent. I guess whoever was behind it had in mind that they really wanted to break my spirit. I think it’s a shame that someone would be operating on such a spiritual low that they would even consider doing that to another human being. So that led me to believe that the mastermind behind it couldn’t have been too cultivated. I mean there are only certain types of people who think it’s okay to hurt other people for their own personal gain. I mean it’s like selling drugs. When you sell drugs you don’t care about the lives and the families of the people you are destroying…you’re just thinking about having the latest trend, the hottest ride, the biggest chain, the biggest house to flex with, the fattest knot of money but the reality is that other people’s lives were destroyed in order for you to have those things. Now don’t get me wrong I know that the system didn’t leave much of a choice for many of us to reach success so I am not looking down on anyone. Even I myself have had to tolerate things that were against my moral beliefs in order to eat but once I realized what lied beneath the surface and how my actions influenced others and affected the world around me my conscience helped me decide whether or not to carry on.  Everyone has that moment when they are all alone and they sit there and that loud thought comes to them and says ‘Maybe you shouldn’t do that.’ That loud thought is your conscience or some would say your guardian angel speaking to you and then it is left up to you to decide whether or not to carry on and from that moment forward you are responsible for your actions. This is what I call karma. So anyway what I am saying is that the person who hacked my computer and decided to share my files with other artists, songwriters, cinematographers and producers so they can steal my work could not have had much of a conscience. They must have had that mentality that I am speaking of. They didn’t care that they were trying to steal my dream from me. They didn’t care that they could be destroying my family. They didn’t care if I may have been weak minded and felt like all was lost and gave up hope and committed suicide. Which thank God  by the way I am not. But what about the people who are or were? They don’t care about that. All they care about is being the biggest, the baddest, the richest and so on. It’s a shame that the fame and fortune can cause one to become so self-absorbed that they lose all of their conscience. Anyway I am blessed that I have a spiritual foundation that has kept me grounded and I was able to bounce back from that and grow from it. I am glad I never gave up on my dreams and I am living my dream. It may not have happened the way it happened for others. Meaning I did not have a jumpsart with a huge advance to catapult me into world fame in a matter of days but I took the long narrow road. I had to work hard. I had to do everything myself (writing, recording, producing, editing videos, graphic designs) so you can’t get anymore “real” than that. So there is nothing fake about anything I do. It’s just that through me you got to see how it is actually done. I had to use whatever was available to create. What I have done right before your eyes is show you what it is to be a true creative and what it really means to be independent. Even though I would love to have a large company give me an advance (they certainly wouldn’t be wasting their money on me. I mean look at what I have done without it), or some venture capitalist to come along  and say ” here I have been watching you for a while and I respect you and appreciate your hard work and was thinking maybe you could use this toward your future projects.” BUT whether or not that happens does not determine whether or not I am actually living my dream. I can say that I did this and I did it myself through willpower and tenacity. Now you tell me what is fake about that.” says Classy Silhouette

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette released an 18 track album  titled The Siren Returns in February of 2014. The unfortunate hacking situation actually made the Siren Song singer stronger because out of  her determination to defend her creative works she has become a better producer and works faster than ever as she is able to spit out tracks and videos left and right. So who knows…everything happens for reason. Maybe this all happened so she would become the strong independent female singer, songwriter, and producer she is today and the people who did this to her will wake up and realize what they have been doing to others in order to maintain their status. Maybe this time when and if their conscience speaks to them ….they will actually hear it and make the right decision.

If you have been enjoying the releases from Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette and would like to continue to support her and be invited to her upcoming shows you can stop by her official site and register with the site. You will then receive notices of new releases, appearances and upcoming events. All of Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette’s music is available on iTunes under her stage name “Classy Silhouette“. Please be sure to subscribe to Classy Silhouette TV to enjoy music videos, short films and reality clips produced by Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette in the future.


Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette’s face is on the money on her artwork for her  2013 single Keep Trying Hip Hop Mix 


 Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette released a remix ep for her inspirational song titled ” Keep Trying” in 2012 The Keep Trying Remixes EP has five different mixes all produced by singer songwriter producer Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette. She later released one of the remixes (Keep Trying Hip Hop Mix) as a single and released a lyrics video for it. The song is meant to inspire people who may have hit rough times to not become discouraged but to Keep Trying. The singing siren felt a need to deliver such a message because it seems to be common for hip hop artists to try to ridicule one another for not having as much money as the other or for not having as many material things. It seems that once one reaches a certain level of success instead of inspiring others to reach for their own goals and maybe helping them do it…they flash money and say I have this, I have that, and you don’t. Classy Silhouette decided not to go that route with this song. Instead she reaches out to those who are less fortunate and instead of ridiculing them for their misfortunes but encourages them with this message of hope to not be discouraged by the evil deeds of others but to reach up to the heavens and grab more hope and keep trying.

” I am glad that I have learned humility. I know what it is like to have lots of money  and material things and I also know what it is like to not have anything and have to humble my spirit and ask for help and rise again. I believe that in life there are supposed to be lessons learned and if you learn them quickly…you will quickly move to the next level in your life. I learned that when you have financial blessings you are supposed to share with those less fortunate because as quickly as you rose…that’s how quickly you can fall and if you were cruel to the people who were less fortunate while you were up…if and when you fall…there won’t be anyone there for you. You will then pay your karmic debt. So I just wanted to put a song out that was not promoting negativity. A song that is not teaching people to mistreat people if they are not as fortunate as them. Why would I put a song put making fun of people who are poor if those are the same people who might buy my music or save up to come see me perform in person?” says Classy Silhouette. ” I give change to the beggars on the street. I don’t play those kind of games. Sometimes you get tested. And if you pass the test you get some kind of blessing or opportunity and if you don’t… Well then you take losses. I’m not saying you have to be a fool and let people take advantage of you but it’s not wise to become a narcissist over a little bit of money. You can tell the difference between people who have never had anything before and people who have. The people who haven’t had anything turn into to monsters when they get something….they become arrogant,….vain. Announcing what they bought and how much it cost. The ones who have had and still do…they kind of know the rules in keeping your wealth. I’m not in the business of seeing others down. I know I can’t save the world but I can help by spreading a positive message and inspiring that person that may be down on their luck to not give up because you never know what is in store for you In the future.”

The Keep Trying Hip Hop Mix was released as a single in 2013 and is available on iTunes when you search her stage name “Classy Silhouette” The  Keep Trying Hip Hop Mix official video was not released until 2014. “When my computer was hacked I was disappointed because I saw people taking my concepts and using them in a derogatory manner. I guess that is what they thought I was going to do with the images, and footage they saw on my computer but they were wrong. After a while I decided to continue to move forward with my creative projects because even though they thought they were stealing my ideas…they actually weren’t .Some of the stuff I saw out there was funny. All I could do was shake my head, laugh to myself and say wow…that’s what they came up with? Anyway I do the best I can to deliver my message, to share my vision with my listeners. My artwork is not meant to be vain. It is meant to inspire my listeners and followers to keep working toward their goals from an entrepreneurial perspective. I even posted the image on my Facebook page a few years ago. I  had actually filmed part of the video in 2012 before I realized I got hacked and some of the other stuff I shot during a trip to Philadelphia in 2014″


Click the photo to watch it now! 

classy silhouette keep trying hip hop mix

click image to watch the video now!



Blue Silhouette by Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has released five self-written & produced projects since her independent debut of The Siren’s Song  album in 2009. After living in Atlanta Georgia for many years she decided to revisit her hometown Philadelphia PA. During her stay something was awakened inside her. Familiar faces, places, and things triggered desires from the past. She remembered what happened before she left there in the first place. Before she left Philadelphia she was working on a project. She had been approached by a major label and was told to come and see them when she completed her project. But somehow major disruptions happened In her life and it never happened.  The Blue Silhouette album consists of  many songs that were written during that time. While she was in Philadelphia she decided to resume working on her project even though it was years later. That was too huge of a dream for her to just let go of.  Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette  went to a well known studio in Philadelphia to see if she could get some producers from her hometown on her project but was propositioned sexually after the meeting and decided that she would have to go it alone because she was not going to compromise her morals. So it is not that she didn’t try to support her hometown….she just was not willing to degrade herself. So she decided to do it herself. Even though it may be a long rocky road to success …at least she would have her dignity and self respect. Blue Silhouette was released twice. The first release was in 2010 under the name Jennifer Bryant with the album art below.  

Blue Silhouette by   Jennifer BryantThis album is a very emotional and soulful expression. It is a story being told. Love, heartbreak, disappointment, embarrassment, abuse, and having the strength to overcome it and move on. After being propositioned the way she was…she felt she had no choice but to take advantage of the Internet bonanza that was happening. So she released,the album digitally and used her own business acumen and marketing and promotional skills to promote her own music. Who knows maybe a major label would see her work and approach her in a respectful manner. If not Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouete would continue doing her thing the best way she knows how. In 2013  she decided to relist the album under her stage name Classy Silhouette and changed the artwork below on which she turned herself blue to symbolize her mood. That is also the reason why the album is titled Blue Silhouette. The album is available on iTunes as well her official website. In fact all of Jennifer Bryant’s music can be found on iTunes under her stage name Classy Silhouette.

 blue-silhouette The Blue Silhouette album 

” I think many people may not understand that my albums are now listed under my stage name ‘Classy Silhouette’. You can find all of my albums in iTunes under the name Classy Silhouette. That is my name now. “says Classy Silhouette. 


What Will Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette’s Next Album Be Like?

 Jennifer Bryant aka  Classy Silhouette  

Trendsetter Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette is known for initiating change. Not only does she inspire women to present themselves as Queens and to adorn themselves with crowns  and to embrace the natural curves of their body but she also empowers other females to know their self worth and to not degrade one another but to support each other. In 2014 Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette released her fifth studio project on which she was the executive producer. The title song “The Siren Returns” addressed her enemies who felt a need to pirate her work through computer hacking and espionage. Through the lyrics she attempts to subtly inform the offender that she knows what they are doing so that they will stop before the situation gets out of hand and without drawing too much negative attention from the press. The hacker, the private detective and the person who hired them was supposed to take this message as a warning that their cover was blown. Apparently the person’s intellectual ability to properly interpret this message was limited and so therefore the hacking continued and Queen Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette kept throwing the rope down for them to hang themselves. What else was there to do? It is a crime to invade someone’s privacy by having them followed or bugging their home or workplace or by hacking their files and emails so you will know what they are doing before they do it and try to use the idea as your own. Normally they can steal your concept and plagiarize your work in a way that they can get away with copyright infringement and even if you sue it will be a long drawn out civil case but when it comes to bugging your studio space, hacking your computer, tapping your phones, and having you followed…it becomes criminal. This means that you have somehow crossed over into the criminal realm of harassment and stalking, invasion of privacy,theft, cyber bullying and stalking. Oh and let’s not omit defamation of character and slander.”I could not imagine myself deliberately trying to interfere with someone else’s success or robbing someone of their creative expressions the way it has been done to me. For what? It has to be the greed of money. I can’t come up with any other explanation for this behavior aside from just being plain evil. To me it is demonic to sit back and wait for some innocent soul that has been through hardships in life and has found a way to channel and vent these experiences through their creative works and then come through like a rat stealing cheese and falsely present it to the world as your own work. That would mean I have completely lost my soul, my conscience, my regard for other human beings. That’s like being a musical child molester. Taking a toddlers virginity and then opening a day care center. There are some things you just don’t do. I could not knowingly do that to another soul. I mean whatever happened to paying people to write a song, produce a track, be your stylist, or come up with a video treatment for you? Whatever happened to works made for hire? So that’s just how it works now? Someone carefully creates a project and you just reach in their window and steal it and display it in your window and scratch their signature off of it and put your own signature on it instead? Really? No that is a crime. It is theft, burglary, breaking and entering. It is the same as breaking into an art museum and stealing a painting off of the wall or an ancient artifact out of the showcase and selling it at an auction. People who do these things are criminals and criminals go to prison. But it’s so deep now. Through this hacking some people have managed to falsely accuse their victims to the police and have their victims sent to prison or pass them off as crazy while they make money of their stolen art. It’s really a shame. I hope they wake up and stop hurting their own people. I hope they realize the evil they have allowed to take control of their bodies. Women can be so stupid sometimes. While we fight each other we still have no power. I don’t want anyone’s husband or throne. I have my own.” says the confident queen Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette.The red queen Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has been on a rampage lately. Demanding respect, dropping knowledge and expressing her desire to avenge the crimes that have been committed against her. She also is known to be very expressive lyrically  and has a knack for her delivery of her messages without profanity over her own groovy self-produced tracks. We are certain Queen Jennifer aka Classy Silhouette will have an earful for us on this next project. To stay on the up and up about this musical  queen’s next release you can join her official website  by clicking here and completing the registration form. If the form does not work please leave a comment under this blog or other ways of contact so that we can repair it promptly. The hacker is so desparate that they sometimes try to break the links.


Does Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette Have A New Album Coming Soon?

 Jennifer Bryant     is classy in her  silhouette photos  

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has been quiet for several months but do not mistake her silence for abandon. We all know that this musical warrior is not going to fade away anytime soon. And there is chance there may be a new album coming from the musical Queen pretty soon. It took several years for people to understand her stance in the business and that she is serious about her music and will defend her presence. While she is supportive of other females in the business and does not believe in degrading other women in order to make herself appear superior over them…she will not bend and allow someone else to disrespect her as an singer,songwriter,and producer and the efforts she has put into her creative projects.

” I think someone behind the scenes was slandering me for a while. Someone who doesn’t even have the faintest idea who I really am and what I am made of. That along with misinterpreted hacked video clips stolen from my files caused people to believe they could really pull one over on me or that they had some sort of privileged information about me but they did not. I was angry about it for a while but what it actually did was give me an advantage over them. See while they were sitting back giggling at bits and pieces of errors and distorted video clips of me from 2008 as I was learning a new software or figuring out how to work the settings on my devices…I was working on other projects mastering my work. I can tell there were lies being told or something because it just didn’t make any sense the way every one was behaving. I don’t mean to sound arrogant but I know I make good music and I am very creative as far as coming up with video concepts and the way my videos are edited. They underestimated me. They slept on a good artist. Them trying to shun me caused me to become even more independent and stand on my own two feet and do it myself. I think some of them even learned from me. Artists that didn’t even make or direct their own videos before are now trying to do it on their own after hacking into my software. But their situation is different they have huge labels backing them and huge budgets to work with and there are tons of  writers, producers, directors and cinematographers that are also signed and everybody needs work. It all makes sense but when all of these people are logging into my computer and stealing my work as I am creating  it and presenting it to their label as their own work or using my creative concepts to image a female artist on their label…I am having a problem with that. I guess they thought I was stupid but that’s not the case. I’m not stupid. I was just quiet. And in the beginning I was not aware of how vulnerable my computer was to attacks. I kept going on the same computer for a while because there were a lot of incomplete projects on it that I knew they had already seen. So what difference did it make? Of course I don’t use those old devices for my new stuff. They would have to be stupid to think I was that stupid. Anyway I copyrighted all my old stuff. As far as I am concerned I was burglarized. Only this burglar did not come through a window in my recording studio. They came through the “windows” of my computer and robbed me. I know I have good work if they have teams of people working with them and they feel as though they need to steal from me. But what I don’t get is why didn’t someone contact me when they heard my stuff or saw my skills? Did they think it would be more beneficial for them to continue hacking my computer and continue  using my concepts to maintain their position with their labels? So selfish, inconsiderate and just plain disrepectful”

The fact that she mentioned her new stuff may indicate that there may in fact be a new album coming  from the singing siren soon. In the meantime you can visit her official website and register with the site and you will be notified as a member of any new releases or upcoming events from Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette. Go to and use the JOIN link in the upper right hand corner of the site.


Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette wants Justice Against Cyber Crime

Classy Silhouette

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy  Silhouette Wants Justice Against Cyber Crime

After working non stop for several years on music and videos that urgently needed to be released due to all of the plagiarism of her work by more established artists and producers…. Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette is active again working on her stage show. Now it’s time to get the show on the road. ” I felt like I was a prisoner to my music once my computer had been compromised. I started seeing scenes from photos I took in my home being used in music videos for other artists.  Apparently the hackers that got into my computer did not know what they were looking at. They  did not realize that the photos of artwork and elegant decor they saw was not just some back drop I was using for a video. These were my personal belongings. Like the crown and the French provincial mirror and  table. I knew who hacked me because they tried to take everything they saw in my computer and put those things with them but what they didn’t realize was that they were only proving that they are the one who did it.  I worked non stop on my music and as fast as I could. This is my work. My creations. My expressions of different parts of my soul. Expressions of personal experiences I’ve had in my life or what I saw someone close to me go through. How dare them try to pirate my soul. They do not have the right. It is wrong, it is illegal, it is unethical, it is hypocritical. They are false idols. How dare you pretend to be me in front of the whole world and parade around as if my life is some sort of gimmick or a script in a screen play. So yeah I made sure I put it all out there. My work is copyrighted. I have legal rights that have been violated and need to be compensated for. To break into someone’s computer and steal their work is as much of a crime as physically breaking into someone’s home and robbing them of their jewelry and family heirlooms. So they should be brought to justice the same way. They are criminals. Like they should go to jail. It’s not right. I really hope the legal system gets it together and really can tackle this problem with cyber crime and  theft of intellectual property because I have been cyber stalked through my network and emails,  cyber bullied, trolled, plagiarized, harassed, physically spied on and stalked. I want justice for it all because I did nothing to deserve any of it. All I did was make good music. So yeah anything you see in my work that you think you saw somewhere else was stolen right out my hard drive a few years back. It was as if they were using my hard drive as some sort of Creative Commons inspirational library but it was not. It was work stolen from Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette’s computer. And the people who the files were given to were ‘receiving stolen property’. What is scary is that they don’t seem to feel any remorse for it. Like some of them are still doing it. They are still trying to plagiarize my work. It is a form of harassment. And then they tried to block my visibility so no one will know. They hacked my social networking pages. People don’t play fair and unfortunately they won’t stop until they suffer some sort of repercussions for it.”

So after years of combat ting cyber criminals and plagiarism Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette will be taking her show on the road. Jennifer Bryant has an official website where if you register you will get free downloads from time to time and could be chosen at random to receive free vip passes to some of her events. All new releases will be premiered on her official site. You can join the site for free at And for the record Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette concerts/events have absolutely nothing to do with stripping hence the name “CLASSY” Silhouette. Unfortunately some people may have been misled to believe that Classy Silhouette is a singing stripping act and sadly it seems to have caused competition to believe they had to become singing strippers. Sorry you have been lied to once again in an attempt by jealous competitors to smear the name.

Show your support by joining the site today and please subscribe to and share this blog on your social networking accounts.


Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette Talks Producing Other Artists

  Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette is a talented singer songwriter and producer. For several years now we have been presented with multiple projects of multiple genres from The Siren. We have heard RnB/Soul, Pop, EDM, and even Blues from this musical queen.  However there is something that is being overlooked when it comes to Her work….not only is she the singer and the writer on these projects but she is the producer. And little be known Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has always been open to producing other artists.

“I think that because of the way the business has been operating for so long with males usually doing the type of work I’m doing…it has caused other female artists to compete with me more as an artist instead of recognizing me as a producer and saying ‘Hey maybe we can get JB to build a track, or write a song for this project’. I’ve always been open to work with other people but with all of the misrepresentation by strangers who claim to know me but never actually even held a real conversation with me has caused people to feel estranged from me. Or look at me as a threat. I mean I have been totally mistreated. The males can’t understand how I am doing it all myself and try to kind of bully me because I am a female and then it seems that they influence the female artists to try to compete or ‘dethrone’ me. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head when I see the big mess that has been created all fueled by lies and rumors. It’s rough to have to stand alone in such a chauvinistic environment and also to see the amount of degradation that females have to be made subject to but I’m tough enough to handle it. Anyway at this point I have no choice but to stand alone.  I’ve been lied on, lied to, had my work stolen out of my computer and plagiarized and who knows…maybe they even went as far as trying to blackball me so no one will hear my stuff and figure out where they stole it from.I just can’t wait to see the day when women can get more respect in this business. ” says the multitalented diva. “It is really disappointing to see men treat women as whores and women present themselves that way and it saddens me when I see them turn around and try to address me that way… When I am nothing of the sort. It is also sad when someone you used to admire steals your work. It leaves you no one to look up to. No one to enjoy listening to on the radio during your leisure time for relaxation. It just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. But I will tell you one thing….it will not stop me from using the gifts that God gave me. Unfortunately that is part of the game and the only thing you can do is sue them if they infringe on your copyright and steal your intellectual property. I’m not into this thing they call beef. We can settle our differences at the courthouse.” Says the independent queen Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette.
There has been mention of a new artist that Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette is producing and will be releasing under her own banner. There has been no release date so we are unsure if it will even be anytime soon. Hopefully this will break up some of the misconceptions about what the singer songwriter producer really represents and what her true intentions are. From the words she has spoken…she is just a Queen wearing her crown and wants all women to respect themselves and be able to be respected as Queens and Goddesses. And so Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette will continue to produce more music and videos on herself and other artists…if you are interested in her new releases you can subscribe to her official websites or  It is absolutely free to subscribe. Members of the site will get free downloads when provided, chances to be selected to receive free VIP passes to upcoming events, notifications about new releases and more.


Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette

Some Things Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette Wants You To Know About Classy Silhouette TV


Classy Silhouette TV is a site owned by singer songwriter producer Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette. Http://

Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has been promoting her website Classy Silhouette TV for several months now and you may be wondering what this new Classy Silhouette TV thing is all about. Although Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette has  a YouTube Channel and would like you to continue subscribing to her channel….There is now a official website that will host upcoming music videos releases, short films, reality clips, and blogs by Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette. So even though you may have subscribed to the website you may also want to subscribe to Classy Silhouette TV’s YouTube Channel as well. For now there are only music videos that were already released prior to the launching of the Classy Silhouette TV website. As new clips are released they will be premiered first and some things will be exclusively on Classy Silhouette TV.

The site is absolutely free. All you have to do to join the site is visit and fill out the subscription form on the first page.

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Queen Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette Sets The Records Straight

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Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette

Watch Jennifer Bryant also known by her stage name Classy Silhouette talk to the computer hackers in this video for her song The Siren Returns. Unfortunately you may have been misled by the culprits to believe that this video is a diss video directed at another artist out of jealousy or hate but it is not. It is a song on which Jennifer Bryant aka Classy Silhouette talks directly to the person who stole her work by hacking and plagiarized it. She lets them know that she knows what they did and how they did it and that they will not get away with it. So if you have been believing all this time that this video was directed at someone other than the thieves…you have been misinformed. This video was released in 2013. It was already recorded in 2012 and has nothing to do with anything as silly…

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