Classy Silhouette News


Jennifer Bryant who is better known by her stage name Classy Silhouette  is a female singer songwriter and producer based in Atlanta GA. She was born into a family of gifted musicians. Her family members include Kevin Eubanks who is a jazz guitarist and was also the band leader with Jay Leno on the tonight show, Ray Bryant jazz pianist and composer. She discovered her gift of songwriting at the age of twelve and began studio work as a background vocalist at the age of seventeen. When she was only nine years old she was registered at the neighborhood recreation center where she was able to  participate in activities such as the dance club, and talent shows. From that point forward Ms. Classy Silhouette was always in talent shows at church and school singing, dancing, sometimes acting.Having a difficult time choosing between her talents, she auditioned for a Performing Arts High School and was accepted as a dance major…minoring in drama. During lunch she sometimes alternated between modeling for the art majors, participating in the art class, or rehearsing with the vocal majors.It wasn’t until a few years later that she realized that her first preference of all of her many talents was her music. Classy Silhouette who had been writing poems which then became songs in her adolescent years would finally be recording her first self written song in the studio as a solo artist and that was only beginning. Since then she has released 6 self-written and self-produced projects The Siren’s Song in 2009, Blue Silhouette in 2010, and she released a dance single in 2011 called On My Mind Diva Mix which was from her at that time forthcoming EP for 2012 On My Mind Remix. In 2014 she released The Siren Returns album and  2015 she released the 15 track Queen of Queens album encouraging women to carry themselves as queens and now for 2016 the musical queen has gone full circle and presented us with an R&B/Hip Hop album titled RELOADED. Classy Silhouette who is overflowing in creativity says she has something big in store for us for 2017 as she will be executive producing an entire album for new spoken word hip hop artist Nena Marcella who is featured on several tracks on the RELOADED album. The RELOADED album is an eighteen track R&B/ Hip Hop album that was released in 2016.


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